Meaning:  Synergy (pronounced SIHN-uhr-djee, from Greek sunergia, meaning "cooperation," and also sunergos, meaning "working together") is the combined working together of two or more parts of a system so that the combined effect is greater than the sum of the efforts of the parts. In business and technology, the term describes a hoped-for or real effect resulting from different individuals, departments, or companies working together and stimulating new ideas that result in greater productivity.

Capability:  Synergy Information Technology Group is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in computer technology solutions for small to medium businesses and home users. No 1-800 numbers to call for help! No holding for the next available technician! We have the capabilities to repair your computer equipment in-house, on-site and remotely. We offer fast, reliable service and guarantee all of our parts and labor. Our services include:

History:  Synergy Information Technology Group was founded in 2003 when the leading network administrators from five I.T. service companies got together to find a better way to serve our client's technology needs. We are one of the only full service solution providers in the Lafayette area. We design network and service solutions that fit our client's technology needs using industry established best practices and our extensive service experience.